Friday , August 23 2019
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Enlightenment Says, Huh?

An excerpt From Betsy Chasse’s Tipping Sacred Cows Available at Your favorite Bookseller. “Betsy’s writing makes you feel like you’re chatting over a glass of wine in your living room with your girlfriends. She is raw, open, honest, and hilarious as she tries to figure out what the hell to …

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When to Parent, Coach or Mentor Your Kids

Consider this – you can parent, coach or mentor your kids. Said another way, you can tell, ask or share with your kids. All of these are available to help you guide and support your kids as they find their way in the world; which do you use and when? …

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Finding The Hugger in Me

Originally posted on I am not a hugger. I probably just failed Spirituality 101 by making an “I am” statement that includes a negative, but the truth is, I’m not a big hugger. Even though it’s a negative, it’s a true negative, so there. I’ll hug my children and …

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