Thursday , October 17 2019
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Smokers Targeted in New Law

The smoking controversy heats up globally. So the question is: Do smokers have a right to the care and control of their children or not? This law presupposes they do not. While it seems logical than anyone would understand you simply don’t smoke around children, especially in a closed car, …

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Can One Person Really Make a Difference?

As someone who’s been in the writing/publishing/book business since 2004 – in one form or another – I’ve often taught that one book, one person, one author really can make a difference. Yet, through all those years of teaching I only knew this in my “head” and didn’t have a …

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The Truth About Transformational Leadership

Earlier this week I was inspired by a few of my clients. They shared publicly – on a call with me and my community – about their experience of me as a transformational leader. It was interesting though, because the purpose of the call was for them to share the …

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