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3 Habits to Lose Weight & Keep it Off

Losing weight is a particularly difficult task, and many individuals eventually regain the weight they’ve lost. It can be tempting to try the cabbage soup diet or some diet that worked for a friend, but a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work either. To lose weight permanently, it’s about more than just calories in and calories out. If you’re struggling to maintain your weight loss, using these tips might just tip the scales in your favor.

Start Going to Bed Early

Recent research shows that sleep is a critical factor in whether or not your weight loss will be successful. Getting fewer than seven hours of sleep a night can alter the hormones that regulate hunger and satiety, making you think you’re hungry when you’re really not. As a result, many sleep-deprived people end up reaching for high-carbohydrate, high-fat, and high-sugar foods like chips and ice cream in an attempt to stay awake. Over time, chronic lack of sleep impairs the body’s ability to use sugar, potentially leading to the development of diabetes. By going to bed earlier and by adopting a relaxing bedtime routine, you’ll help make your weight loss journey a lot easier. If you find it difficult to sleep, consult your doctor or a sleep specialist.

Use Portion Control

Portion control is a classic weight-loss method because it works. By slimming down your portion sizes, you’ll be able to lose weight more quickly. To properly portion out your meals and avoid hunger, consider taking photos of your food; using a specially designed plate with different sections for starches, meat, and vegetables; and eating four to six smaller meals throughout the day. It can also be a good idea to keep a food journal, and you can do this online or on paper. A low-carb diet will help you lose weight, and if you keep it long-term, it will help you keep the weight off. This means you’ll want to make sure you aren’t eating empty carbs. Instead, aim for those that will fill you up. For example, try to get most of your carbs from complex ones like vegetables, beans, and whole grains rather than eating simple carbs like white pasta.

Don’t Use Sugar Alternatives

While sugar alternatives like aspartame and sucralose have zero calories, they can confuse your brain and digestive system. In fact, consuming sugar alternatives can cause your digestive system to stop burning calories properly and regulating food intake the way it normally would. Over time, this can contribute to weight gain. Not only that, but many sugar alternatives have been known to cause problems with other organs like kidneys. Instead of sugar alternatives, stick to natural sugars like those found in dates and other fruits. These sugars will be metabolized normally by your body and will help you feel full, allowing you to lose weight more easily.

By utilizing these tips shared in your daily life, you’ll be on the way to permanent, effective weight loss. Always ask your doctor or a nutritionist about any weight concerns you may have.

All this being said, many find success with diet plans. Just make sure you choose a diet plan you can actually do. If you feel like you can do a diet plan, the chances of it actually working are much greater than one you don’t want to do or feel you can’t do.

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