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When It’s Crucial to Ask “How Do I Feel?”

In my previous post, I explained how asking yourself why you want to lose weight is the first key to creating lasting change, even before considering how you’re going to go about it.

In my upcoming book, The One Hour Power Diet, I also advise you to ask yourself why you are eating just before you eat—for nutrients, for pleasure, or because of an emotion like loneliness, anxiety, or boredom.

Then, one hour after eating, ask yourself how you feel—how much energy and mental clarity you have, as well as how your body feels in general. This is the One Hour Power check in. Visualize the type of food you ate and serving size: one serving=one palm size meal, two servings=two palms, three=three. You will begin to see patterns about how eating certain foods and portions can make you feel energized while other choices make you feel drained. Track both the feel-bad choices and the feel-good choices.


  • Ask why you are eating before you eat
  • Ask how you feel one hour after eating—that’s the One-Hour Power check-in
  • Note the serving size of what you ate, your palm as a guide, and log the type of food you ate
  • Develop your own personal feel-good/feel-bad database
  • Choose feel-good most of the time

When you empower yourself with awareness of why you eat, how much you eat, and how those factors make you feel physically and mentally, you have begun a life-long journey towards optimal wellness.


About Cliff Thomas

Dr. Cliff Thomas is a leading gastric bypass surgeon and recognized by the Surgical Review Board as a "Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence". An Author, Father and Entrepreneur, his mission in life is helping people feel better.

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  1. The main problem in the food industry and the way we eat as far as I see it, is the fact that we are not aware of what we eat. We usually don’t realize what we are eating, that we are processing energy because we get distracted talking or watching TV and in fact we don’t realize or ask how we are feeling.

  2. I often find that if I feel heavy and sleepy after a meal, that I’ve managed to trick myself into eating more to avoid getting back to work! I use food as a distraction and a way of procrastinating, and I use salt as a way to trick myself into thinking I’m still hungry when I’m actually not. It’s a big wake up call!

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