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Anna Smith
Anna Smith is an entrepreneur and blogger on topics of personal success, fashion, business, marketing, personal finance, and health. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with her Associates in English, and from the University of Colorado Denver with her Bachelors in Business Management. She currently lives in Denver with her dog Charlie.

3 Tips to Help You Care for Aging Parents

Taking care of your elderly parents can be a challenge. While you may want to prevent them from having to enter a nursing home or assisted living facility, it can be difficult to provide all the care that they need on your own. Hopefully, you have family or friends who …

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How to Drink Safely and Responsibly

Developing a responsible relationship with alcohol is important, and many adults realize that their own alcohol use is beyond their control or follows an unhealthy pattern. It may be hard to know where you should call the line and how to start setting boundaries for yourself. In the United States, …

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What You Need to Know About Food Recalls

You already know that you need to take care of your body. Exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep are two important ways to accomplish this, but what we put into our bodies is of the utmost importance. And it’s not just making sure you’re eating fresh fruits and vegetables, …

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