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3 Tips for Vacationing with Very Young Children

With summer vacation season just around the corner, many families are finalizing their travel plans. If you are traveling with your children, it is even more important to have a solid plan and itinerary in place. Don’t forget to have activities planned to keep restless kids busy. Here are three proven tips to help create the perfect vacation when traveling with small kids:

Take Many Breaks

If you have young children, it is critical to plan sufficient breaks so that the kids are able to stay focused and burn off energy. During road trips, it is recommended to stop every few hours so that kids can stretch their legs and use the restroom. This is especially important when potty training. When out sightseeing, you will enjoy your time more if children are able to get out and play every few hours. Remember that happy kids make for a happy vacation. By attending to their needs and recognizing that they need physical and mental breaks, everyone will have a better time.

Keep Your Schedules

Kids will behave better if they are able to stick to their normal routine. Although it can be challenging to keep your regular schedule while out on the road, sticking with your child’s normal nap schedule will encourage a happier disposition. Staying with the usual bedtime will ensure that your child is well rested and ready to tackle each day of adventure with energy. For toddlers, there are ways to stick to a potty training schedule even while on vacation. Despite being away from home, life should still run according to schedule for your child. This will minimize disruptions and keep everyone in a better mood.

Balance Planning with Spontaneity

It pays off to have a basic itinerary to guide your trip as you travel. The last thing that you want to happen is to roll into town and find out that all of the hotels are booked for the night. Some advance planning and preparation will ensure smooth sailing. Be sure to download all of the proper maps and other travel planning tools to your smartphone prior to hitting the road. However, you also want to build time into your schedule for spontaneity to be able to take over. When traveling with young kids, you will want to be prepared to go with the flow and take your child’s lead.

You only have 18 childhood summers with your child. Be sure to make this time count by planning trips that will create memories to last a lifetime.

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