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How to Host a Craft Beer Party

What was once the domain of beer nerds has now gone mainstream as more and more people gain an appreciation for the craft beer scene. Microbreweries continue to pop up across the country. Magazines devote themselves entirely to the artisanal world of craft beer. As part of the phenomenon, craft beer parties have become popular among enthusiasts. Here are some tips for making your own craft beer party a smashing success.


As in real estate, location is everything when it comes to hosting a craft beer party. You need a large enough space to fit a reasonable amount of people comfortably. Beer parties are generally laid-back events, so having lots of comfortable furniture around is a plus. Including plenty of opportunities for recreation can add some fun to your party. Pool tables are classic staples of any beer party, craft or otherwise. For all these reasons and more, the basement is a good location for a home bar.

Wet bars can be constructed DIY with relatively inexpensive material costs, so why not include adding a wet bar on your list of home carpentry tasks? Basements are out of the way, so when you add your own bar you won’t have to worry as much about noise disturbances to neighbors or about spouses who may not be as enthusiastic about craft beer as you.

Don’t Forget to Include Your Dog

Your dog doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines — he or she can take an active role in your party. Your guests will love interacting with the household pup during your craft beer party. Include your dog in the festivities by dressing them up to blend in with the theme. For example, if it’s a Christmas craft beer party, your dog might have a comfortable pair of antlers to dress up as everybody’s favorite reindeer. Just be careful, of course, not to let your dog indulge in the beer, as it’s poisonous to them. Fortunately, dog beer is a thing!

Preventing Drunk Driving

As the host of your party, preventing your guests from driving drunk is your responsibility. You should be on the lookout for guests who are too inebriated to safely drive. Take keys if necessary, and be ready to have some taxis or rideshare drivers at the ready.

When you get your brand-new home wet bar installed or finish that batch of homebrew, why not celebrate with a fun craft beer party? The essential features are tasting glasses, a variety of craft beers, and people who enjoy drinking. Homebrewers should be encouraged to bring their own creations to the gathering.

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