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5 Tips for Hosting a Fun After-Quarantine Party

With the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing in full swing, the resulting isolation can get a person down in the dumps. However, while you’re stuck at home in your pajamas, you can spend some time planning a really great party for when all of the craziness is over. In order to plan the best post-quarantine party ever hosted, here are some secrets you can make use of.

Unique Theme

Since the quarantine period is likely something people have gotten down about, why not spice things up with a fun theme? You can use the theme to change the quarantine blues into post-quarantine happy vibes. Make things that made people sad into things that make people happy. For example, you can make cookies shaped like face masks or play a playlist full of songs about being free or about catching a virus. There’s even a playlist on Spotify that someone made for that exact purpose. You can decorate your home in a way that will reflect the theme that you have chosen to use.

Fun Activities

There are a number of fun activities that you can use as part of your post-quarantine party. For example, could have a wine exchange, which requires everyone to bring a bottle of wine that they will switch with someone else. You could also watch quarantine or apocalypse-related movies, like Contagion or Outbreak. Let It Ride is a great option if you are hosting an adult party and want to include some new games. You don’t want to pick something that is used at every party. This doesn’t make your event stand out as being unique. You could also play other fun versions of poker like High-Low to help your guests have a great time. If you’re all tired of being inside for weeks, you could even do all of these activities outside. You can set up a movie projector screen, a poker table, or other activities all in your backyard so you can enjoy the outdoors while you socialize.

Good Food

You have a few different options that you can use for food at your post-quarantine party. If you like to cook, you can prepare a number of dishes ahead of time for your guests. Potluck parties encourage everyone to bring a dish to pass. You could provide some of the basics like roast beef sandwiches, beverages or appetizers. You can also have the party catered if you want to provide some really delicious food that will stand out from other parties. Catering allows you to focus more on your guests. There’s nothing worse than missing most of your own party because you were in the kitchen cooking.


Aside from the activities you have planned, you can include some entertainment to liven things up for a bit. This can include anything from a live band to a bartender that provides guests with signature drinks and other cocktails. You don’t have to use your entertainment for the entire party, but it’s a good way to break up the party a little and get people comfortable. It also makes for a great topic of conversation.

Party Favors

A nice touch at the end of your party is to hand out favors to each of your guests. You don’t have to come up with anything elaborate, but a small gift makes your guests feel appreciated and loved. You can give a small bottle of wine, some candy, or a homemade quarantine-themed craft item like a homemade face mask for the next pandemic. If you want to get really cheesy, send your guests home with portable packs of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. Or, if you want something fancier, you could even make custom party favors just for the occasion. Don’t forget to include a card that thanks each guest for coming to your party.

A quarantine is no fun, but planning a party for after it’s over can be a great way to spend your time inside your home while it’s happening. Following the above tips will help to make sure that your post-quarantine party is definitely one to remember.

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