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7 Habits that will Keep you Healthy and Active

People often forget to take care of themselves due to stress, work, or just about anything in life. Whenever something unplanned happens, we panic, start overthinking and losing our minds. Both of these situations are unhealthy and can cause serious health issues. Why would you constantly keep yourself stressed out and anxious when you can calm down and take things slow?

There are also those whose habits influence the way they live their lives. For starters, you’d want to change these habits and avoid the nasty ones as much as possible. Health is very important, and it’s often said that the wealthiest man on the planet is the healthiest one. However, it is not necessary to have the wealth to get better health.

So, what can you do? You can change your diet, change your habits, and increase your physical activity.

Here are the seven habits that will keep you healthy and active!

Avoiding Nutritionally Devoid Food:

Food such as fast food isn’t rich nutritionally. You get plenty of ‘bad’ calories, too many sugars, and saturated fats. The thing about saturated fats is that they increase your overall blood-cholesterol levels. This may lead to obesity, organ failure, and even death (if left unchecked for prolonged periods of time).

Also, snacks such as chips are unhealthy as well. Instead of these, go for the natural solution! Buy some peanuts (non-roasted and unsalted), cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and anything else that you can find. These foods are amazing nutritionally!

Repeat Yourself:

Follow a certain routine. This might not sound intuitive, but it’s better than constantly doing things differently. This is because our bodies get used to a certain method of doing things. If you eat five different food items for breakfast each day and decide to introduce a random sixth one, your body might react negatively (at least for the time being).

This isn’t true only for meals; physical activity and working out requires you to be dedicated to what you’re doing, and you won’t be able to do that if you don’t follow routines (i.e., working out from 11 to 12 am).

Eat Real Food:

Stay away from the advertised mumbo-jumbo that can be seen on TV. Unless you prepare the food yourself, you won’t be sure that what you’re eating is good. Some canned food is good, while others aren’t.

Unless you’re a farmer, there’s no way you’ll be able to eat ‘homegrown’ meat. So, buy from a vendor that sells high-quality food. But, vegetables and fruits are something you’ll be able to grow yourself – do that; your body will thank you!

Count your Calories:

Most people require around 1800 calories to go through the day (of course, it all depends on a variety of factors). If you want to lose weight, you’ll need less than 1600 (preferably around 1500). If you want to gain weight, bump that number up to 2000-2200.

Keep in mind that for the calories to have the best effect on your body (and help you get an amazing physique), you’ll have to be physically active. Don’t forget to count your calories, so you have a clear picture of how much you’re putting in you!

Pay Attention:

Letting your mind wander to places while there’s work to be done isn’t good. Losing time will cause you to start working faster, thus, making yourself more prone to mistakes. On top of that, if you’re supposed to learn something, not paying attention can be a recipe for disaster (depending on what you’re learning).

We see people learn various things improperly all the time; it’s nothing uncommon. But don’t just leave it at that. Start paying attention more often!

If you need some help with that, one great solution is Kratom. Take a look at Kratom Crazy for more info on this subject.

Cross-Train to Blast Calories:

Cross-training might not be the best if you’re an athlete of one specific kind, but for everyone else – it’s a lifesaver. Cross-training involves exercising through varying degrees of workouts (from easy to hard) and using sports as a method of training. For example, cycling and swimming both employ almost all of the muscles in your body.

Therefore, the distribution of strength is evened out. It’s a great way to increase general fitness and stamina while also bolstering your muscles.

Setting your Intention for the Day:

Before you go on about your day, make sure you’ve planned everything. Some people love surprises, but most of us would rather have everything planned than the other way around. Unless it works for you (not having plans), start your daily intentions either the day before or in the morning when you wake up.

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Lydia is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer at fitnessgoals, with a passion for writing and a love for chocolate. She enjoys long walks with a breeze and finding ways to make dessert healthy.

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