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Denver Art Museum at 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy in Denver, Colorado on July 18, 2016

3 Colorado Art Exhibits to Inspire Your Creative Side

In Denver, you can enjoy some unique and insightful art that won’t cost you a lot of money to enjoy. There is an abundance of ways to enjoy the majestic examples of creativity in Colorado, and we have covered three exceptional art exhibits in Colorado to help to inspire your creative side.

Denver’s Public Art Walking Tour

If you are looking to boost you and your group’s creative sides, Denver’s Public Walking Tour is a great place for inspiration. A large portion of Denver’s Public Art Walking Tour is included as part of the downtown and the Golden Triangle Creative District. This walking tour consists of some of the best and most beloved pieces of artists. The LODO (Lower Downtown) will pique your creative side with artistic and architectural designs.

Denver Convention points out that you can see the towering Union Spire at 14th and Wazee as well as the charming Pinhorn Statue and Drinking Fountain, which was designed by Clara Soanson Dieman in 1924. A whimsical, colorful Petros is situated on the Cherry Creek Path between Speer and Larimer. Artist Bill Gian made this vibrant Petros. You can also see art exhibits on display at the Denver Public Library, the Civic Center Park, the 16th Street Mall, the Colorado Convention Center and other locales in Denver.

Chapungu Sculpture Park

Loveland’s Chapungu Sculpture Park is a place full of beauty, wonder, inspiration, and history with their art display. This location in Colorado will inspire one’s creative side. Colorado’s Centerra explains that Loveland’s Chapungu Sculpture Park is home to 82 hand-carved stone sculptures that inspire the annual Sculpture in the Park show and sale, which is the largest outdoor juried exhibition in America. These fantastic works of art exude the talents of those who enjoy creative ways to express themselves through the use of stone.

The Denver Art Museum

While there are many art exhibits, the Denver Art Museum touts 70,000 works of art. Indeed, there is always something amazing, creative and inspiring to see in Colorado. If you are looking for free general admission, visit The Denver Art Museum on the first Saturday of every month. For those who want to get inspired by the exhibitions of artists like Rembrandt van Rijn – whose career spanned from 1625 to 1665 – or prolific French artist Edgar Degas, there is something for every person who needs exposure to world-renowned artists or newer, high-tech focused artists who can spark one’s imagination. The best news about the Denver Art Museum is that you can find contemporary artists to interactive art exhibits as well.

In conclusion, these three art exhibits in Colorado are impressive. The great thing about Colorado is that its people love many different forms of art. This provides people from all over the world the ability to express their unique insights and elements of an artist’s culture.

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