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Trust Your Intuition

Do you sometimes hear that little voice inside your head that is trying to guide you in a direction that’s out of your comfort zone? Do you feel that tug from your soul every now and again that is trying to tell you something that you haven’t been able to hear, yet… perhaps because of unconscious fear or uncertainty?

Maybe you do that nudge to do something, yet your brain is giving you a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t. Well, my advice to you today is to trust that nudge, that little voice in your head. That is your soul guiding you on your transformational path. The road may be paved with confusion and uncertainty at first, but if you hold on tight, that ride may be the best thing that ever happened to you!

You know you get nudges you just can’t deny. Just think of your most recent experience of synchronicity! Your soul plays a role in these magical moments. because when you’re truly connected with your soul’s calling and consciously walking and following your soul’s path, it’s strengthening that relationship and making it easier for you to tune in and take aligned soul-ful action.

The procrastination goes away naturally the more focused you are on listening to your soul and paying attention to those nudges. You establish a trusting relationship with the highest part of your Self, and gain the confidence to do something you haven’t done before.

You might not have 100 percent clarity right away on the entire path ahead, but you’ll have enough of an intuitive “nudge” to move you forward. And when you take action, you’ll discover that it was either the exact right thing that you were meant to do, or it helped you take another step in a different direction that was really where you were meant to be – where you feel most joyful, most expressed, most peaceful.

Big success and impact come from small steps. So, let your soul nudge you along step by step. It’s the best GPS you could ask for. Because the these soul/intuitive nudges are yearning for something, speaking to you, showing you exactly what it needs to be expressed more fully through you.

The more you pay attention and stay consistent in connecting with your own centered place of truth, the easier it is to stay consistent with trusting your intuition enough to do something new or different. You will absolutely find yourself making progress and experiencing exciting transformations as you do this.

Our greatest successes usually come just outside our comfort zone. (Believe me, if I end up on Shark Tank it’ll be way out of my comfort zone!) It’s out there, in that unknown place called the future that your dreams live.

I would have never experienced the business and personal successes I have in the past few years if I hadn’t listened to that nudge in February 2011 – to break away from what I “knew” and follow my intuition to combine my passion for personal transformation – and book writing – to create my Transformational Author Experience®.

Never mind those familiar, negative voices in your head. (I had to overcome a lot of them to turn the “idea” of TAE into a reality.) Instead tune in to the positive, expansive nudges of the soul and look for evidence of grace. It’s everywhere!

That being said… if you feel yourself wanting to hold on to an old outdated story, there is some benefit that you’re receiving – mostly unconsciously. And it’s up to you to get down and dirty with yourself and find out if you’re ready to release the old beliefs and old story – and make a conscious CHOICE to allow for something new.

If you cling tightly to the “old” beliefs and stories it’s very difficult to hear – let alone trust – your intuition. So, think about what belief you want to let go of so you allow more space for intuition. Personally, I had to let go of my fear of public failure to audition Shark Tank. Right? “What if I’m one of the people they rip to shreds with millions of people watching?” I had to let that fear go and trust my intuition enough to get on the train to at least allow for the possibility to unfold.

How about you? What do you need to let go of? Or perhaps you already know what you need to and it’s time to do it.

About Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser, “The Transformation Catalyst” is a book coach, spiritual mentor and award-winning author whose spot-on guidance transforms the lives of visionaries around the world. She’s trained more than 55,000 authors, and has personally coached hundreds to get their books written and published. Some of her clients have signed traditional publishing contracts, become best-selling authors and appeared in major media including: CNBC, CBS, Oprah and Friends, Time, Business Week, New York Times, Fox & Friends, CNN, ABC, and more. Her passion is to help people liberate their message - so they can be who they were born to be, and do what they were put on earth to do!

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  1. I think it’s interesting to consider what intuition actually is. I once had an argument with a Chemistry Major who determinedly insisted that there is no such thing. I was taken aback. My intuition is responsible for a great many of the major decisions I made: college, study abroad, my relationship, etc. All of those things were decisions made impulsively. Ironically, often, my intuition (rather than fact-based) decisions have turned out better for me. When I make unexpected decisions, ones that push me out of my comfort-zone, I’m always afraid, but some of them have been so worth it; I wouldn’t change them for the world.

  2. This article is very interesting. I struggle with staying in my comfort zone for too long, and I usually ignore my intuition due to lack of trust in it. Maybe it’s time I follow it for once. However, I don’t think I will ever stop procrastinating. Procrastination is almost a part of my personality. Thanks for the article!

    • Take a leap of faith. Everybody sometimes knows what to do but what sets us apart is the doing part. Those who wake up and take the necessary action always end up ahead. Find ways to deal with your procrastination and you will definitely grow.

  3. Intuition is an amazing thing, but learning to listen and follow the directing is another. I think we need to really learn to trust and have more confidence in ourselves. It is a fact that we are all guided into a very specific path that has been set out for us. The answer and direction for this is inside of us and not somewhere out there.If we can only see this and begin to listen we would find ourselves in a much better place.

  4. Our heads are so filled with doubts that I think the negative often overshadows the natural intuition, because we get stuck on what others think we should do and we forget to think about what it is we actually want. I have had several instances where the little voice inside me really helped me out and led me in the right direction. Part of my problem though is my stubbornness to try to find a logical explanation to everything and over think. I need to learn to slow down and just listen, and feel for what I should be doing.

  5. Oh I needed to read this so badly, especially today. Funny how certain things can cross our paths at just the right time. I need to start FOLLOWING that intuition instead of just listening to it and reading this just gave me a little nudge in that direction.

  6. I think that trusting you intuition is very important and most of the time is correct. I read an article where a lady kept feeling like something was wrong at home and ended being right. She rushed home and saw that her husband was crushed under their car that he had been working on. She made it in time to save him but if she had not listened to the nagging in her head he might not have made it. So I know that I need to listen to that little voice.

  7. My experience says that while Intuition is an amazing asset, a proper mixture of intuition and a clear head is necessary to make the big “impact” decisions in life. I have made a few decision based solely on my gut feeling, and while some of them have turned out to be the best decisions ever, some I feel were made too impulsively, if you could call it that!

    Have to find that right balance I would say, but this obviously would over complicate the whole notion of intuition in the first place! Nice article though, made me think a bit.

  8. Intuition is something I strive to always follow. My intuition has always guided me in the right path even if it didn’t seem like it at the moment. For the past few weeks I have been coming out of my comfort zone and as scary as it was at first, its exciting now! The little nagging voice in my head is there for a reason and listening to it is always the best thing. I have made some of the best decisions by following my intuition! The hardest part of my day is over powering the negative thoughts in my head. Sometimes it is a struggle to think positive and not fall into a pit of self pity. I actively work to stay positive about everything in my life.

  9. I’m LDS (Latter Day Saint aka Mormon) and our belief is that there is a Holy Ghost that is there to guide you. There are many stories from all sorts of members of how the Holy Ghost helps them. When we pray to find something, or pray for comfort, the Holy Ghost may come to our aide. It usually comes as a voice in your head or a feeling in your heart. I believe in trusting it, and trusting your intuition! This article made me feel happy and spiritual.

  10. This is something that I try to abide by at all times. My grandmother once told me that intuition is really the people you once cared for that have gone to Heaven trying to keep you from trouble. While I do have perhaps some weird thoughts when it comes to Heaven and spirituality, in general, I do believe there is something to that, as well. When my daughter was a baby, she had so many digestion and constipation issues. We switched her diet and formula multiple times, she was seen by several doctors and specialists, and they all told me the same thing: she will grow out of it. Something kept telling me that they weren’t right. It was a nagging voice in my head that kept telling me to get her checked out again. With her last bout of constipation that lasted nearly a week, I was fed up and took her to an ER 50 miles away from where we lived. I told the nurses there that they were going to tell me nothing was wrong but I was not leaving until they did thorough tests on her. Two days later, she was having surgery for a rare physical deformity called Anal Stenonsis. After having two surgeries, she is a happy healthy 6-year-old. I was right to listen to my intuition!

  11. This article is very powerful. Following your spirit is often the best thing you can do for yourself. My mother who is a psychologist recently got a new job. The last job she had was for ten years. But she got that inner nudge to take this new job opportunity. At first she said she wasn’t getting any “signs” to take the job. But, after she took the job and quit her old one she experienced many signs that she had gone in the right direction.

  12. As far as I see it, intuition is one of the most important things we have. I call it my inner voice from god and when we are able to listen to it we are certainly going in the right direction. Making a difference between this voice and other inner voices is the hardest part though.

  13. I don’t always trust my intuition as I find it hard to distinguish between it and my rational voice. I always try to put in balance what I should do and what I feel I should do in order to not have any regrets before doing anything. Right now I am facing a big decision and that is choosing what to do with my life as a career. I know what my passion is, however, I am afraid to pursue it further as it wouldn’t help me financially nor I believe I am truly talented at it.

  14. Decisions I have made based on my intuition have turned out great for me. Intuition is a great compass in life for us as humans and should not be ignored. I moved out of my moms house because I felt it was time and I would figure the rest out once i was gone. Turned out great for me!

  15. Yep, that’s something common. Sometimes I do wonder, is it my mind thinking or my intuition talking to me? Many times we can distinguish intuition from reason because intuition is something extremely simple and true that comes from the heart.

  16. I love the point that you make about intuition being an unconscious indicator which requires a conscious decision to be implemented. Our deeper mind sends us small signals and messages all the time, but always runs it past the conscious brain for final approval! Personally I have also found that trusting my intuition tends to lead to better decisions overall, but you need to keep an open mind to where you might be using fears as an excuse not to do something and calling it intuition – like with your very apt Shark Tank story!

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