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How to Host a Craft Beer Party

What was once the domain of beer nerds has now gone mainstream as more and more people gain an appreciation for the craft beer scene. Microbreweries continue to pop up across the country. Magazines devote themselves entirely to the artisanal world of craft beer. As part of the phenomenon, craft …

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5 Tips for Hosting a Fun After-Quarantine Party

With the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing in full swing, the resulting isolation can get a person down in the dumps. However, while you’re stuck at home in your pajamas, you can spend some time planning a really great party for when all of the craziness is over. In order …

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Techniques That Can Help You Through a Mental Health Crisis

Dealing with mental health issues is oftentimes a silent struggle. It might feel like no one really understands or even recognizes what you are dealing with. At its worst, a mental health crisis can be completely debilitating. There are some things you can do to help combat a mental health …

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