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It’s time for a revolution!

By Betsy Chasse

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It’s time for a revolution! It’s time to bring it all together in one place – you.

Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science; but man needs both” 

-Fritof Capra


Do we need both? Sometimes I feel like those two camps are as diametrically opposed as theDemocrats and the Republicans. Is it time for a revolution?

As I travel the country doing book signings and talks people seem pretty pleased to hear me say it’s time for a revolution in science and the new age/self help paradigm.

When I hear a new ager or a scientist say, “I wish they’d wake up” I usually say right back, “You know what, they are saying the same thing about you!”

As if any of us are really awake, and who gets to decide who’s awake and who isn’t? I’m beginning to think this whole “awake” thing is really a perspective and it ultimately depends on who’s doing the talking.  What is awake? What does it mean to “beconscious?” Everybody seems to have an opinion on this, and often they think theirs is the “right” one.

One of my favorite sentences is when someone says to me, “I am going to give you MY TRUTH” Oh boy, hold on folks, duck if you can because here comes a whole bunch of opinion and projections flying at your face like shit hitting a fan. I admit I’ve said it, recently in fact, which is why I am now thinking about this whole concept of truth, right and wrong, knowing, awake or asleep, conscious or unconscious.

Because the truth (ha!) is, I for one am bored with the old paradigm. The one where we all act like we know anything, we utter words like “unconditional love” and talk endlessly about the light being the place to be, and my favorite “It’s all an illusion.” Yea, explain that to my five-year-old when he’s got a scrape the size of Texas across his bum from skidding off his skateboard. That is no illusion, at least not to him; that shit burns, like for real.

This whole idea that life is an illusion is a fraud, I tell you, a fraud. While scientists are arguing about where consciousness lies, and while the new agers are meditating on their crystal imbedded cushions having out of body experiences, I am living this illusion and so are a lot of people.

And from what I am hearing (and I freely admit this may just be me creating my reality in which everyone agrees with me…hell, who isn’t?) is that people are pretty tired of being fed the old party line that everything is an illusion, or a series of ones and zeros that there is an us and a them (awake and asleep).

People want real, people want to know how to live in this life and not the next one.

People are over science, at least materialistic science; you know the one that says everything can be predicted with a math equation? Statistics show most humans are very much aware that something greater is afoot and they really don’t need science to tell them that.  And at the same time, they are pretty much over all the new age propaganda that a strategically placed crystal will solve all of your problems. At this point, most of us have pretty much figured out that there is no guy in the sky ready to blast us to burn in hell for all eternity for whatever wrongs we did in our 20’s (because seriously, who didn’t sin in their 20’s?). And one of my biggest pet peeves is that guru on the stage who smiles like a Cheshire cat and extols the wisdom of love and light after just having berated there assistant for not having their organic, fair trade whatever hot or cold enough. In short, we are tired of the hypocrisy, both living it and hearing it.

It’s time to get real, like really, authentic, the sometimes messy, sometimes ugly, real in this reality, real. It’s time to get conscious of what we are doing and being in the here and now.  And most of us, I for one, did not know how to do that. I did not understand how my body and my brain worked. Consciousness was just a fancy word I used to sound like I was, conscious that is, when in fact I wasn’t. It was much more fun to meditate and leave my body and float about in the void (Or more likely just taka a nap). It was much easier to slap a crystal on it or make a vision board and it was a whole lot easier to just blame it all on the whacky world of quantum physics.

And to me, all of those are just excuses to escape. There is this tendency to make the body bad, to make the mind bad. We spend an awful lot of time making the human experience out to be the bad guy, something to run from, when maybe what we ought to be doing is figuring it out.

And to do that I think the first step is to become integrated to our whole selves.  To truly become conscious. To be conscious means to be aware, and to me, to be present in the moment. How can I become conscious of alternate realities if I am not truly conscious of the one I’m in?

So I am having my own revolution of mind, body and spirit. Instead of fighting each other, I’m bringing them together.  Instead of breeding separation between  mysticism and science, I’m co-mingling them into my own scientific experiment about the mystical experience called life.

A little disclaimer: I am all for whatever works for you, whether it be meditation, yoga, angel cards and crystals. But I just want you to remember it’s you who’s doing the doing: it’s you who’s creating the meaning, not the other way around. Remember where your power lies and become conscious of that you.

About Betsy Chasse

Betsy Chasse is a mom, author and Film Maker. Her films include "What The Bleep Do We Know?!" (Writer, Director, Producer", Song of the New Earth (Producer) and Pregnant In America (Producer) she has written 4 books most recently "TIPPING SACRED COWS - The Uplifting story of spilt milk and finding your own spiritual path in a hectic world"

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  1. As a religion major, this is an issue that often comes up in conversation with my pre-med and other science-y friends. I always smile, nod and listen to what they say. They discuss facts and evidence, studies and clinical trials. As a millennial it is not difficult for me to accept two conflicting ideas. Test tubes and crystals exist in the same universe. They don’t have to agree with one another. My attitude about truth would be annoying for either party. If a religion or spirituality enable a person to live a better life and do no harm to others, it is my opinion that they should be allowed to hold it, regardless of the facts. My opinion holds if you substitute science for religion. People are complicated, complex and unique. The same thing will not work or ring true for everyone.

  2. I agree that there is a great need for us to become more conscious of who we are and what we are doing right and where we are going wrong. It is time to take our focus off others faults and realize that we are the one’s who have to get it right. We all need to give ourselves a lot more attention so that we can truly find out who we are because many of us are running around being so busy, when we are in fact lost.

  3. I agree that truth is TRUE, there is no my truth or your truth or their truth. There is only the truth, and it is true, not an opinion. And this article inspired me to try and let all of my opposing feelings mingle together and exist in harmony. Cognitive dissonance brings discomfort, so it is good to try and avoid it as much as possible. Just let yourself be free and not oppose itself.

  4. I agree with hypocrisy… everyone is fed up with hearing how we should act or live from people who do not follow their own criteria. Even the Pope has proven himself a hypocrite, stating that he is against guns and yet he has armed guards around him at all times. Way to trust in God’s protection I would say. There is more hypocrisy in the world then anything else. As a result it is hard for anyone to see truth when it presents itself.

  5. There are a lot of things we can do or say to avoid the obvious, our mind cannot reach an understanding of what religion or faith is, so it will always mock about it. The fact is that the revolution needs to be made inside of us and for that to happen we need to be active inside and not only outside.

  6. The main goal of meditation is to be truly aware of the moment you are living in. Although it is not the only way to achieve this awareness, for me I think it has helped the most. But I still don’t try to convince others they should do it everyday or that it will change their lives. It is not going to show you the answer to life nor will it give any sort of higher consciousness greater than anybody else. Your article reminds me a lot of the philosopher Hume, who says we cannot really know anything and we just rely on past experiences to predict what is going to happen.

  7. I agree that man needs both science and mysticism, but for different reasons. Science supports us on our day to day, as for mysticism, it’s a way to achieve something superior…

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