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Lisa Marie

Lisa Kozich is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Master’s Degree Counseling Therapist, Guest blogger for the Huffington Post, Radio Host on the LisaMarieShow on RadioLuv and has a 30 minute segment Thursdays at 10:00 pm pacific on ch 93 on Sirius XM radio and is the CEO of Crockin’ Moms. Her book is based on her blog and fan page that reaches over 8 million people a week and she built organically herself. Lisa was a new mom to premature boy who was sick and they in the hospitals. After transitioning in the mom world , Lisa wanted to connect with other moms and learn more about social media. She built mommys club Pages and groups around the USA and from their she got into developing cooking niche pages and they grew and grew. Lisa loves helping her Hometown and being involved in charities. Lisa is now a social media expert, slow cooking guru, life coach ,and loves giving easy on the go tips and recipes to parents all around the globe. Her fan base is not only national around the USA but also international as well. Lisa is connecting the globe through cooking and her social media following. Lisa’ s book is available on and is called “Learn to Cook Recipes From Crock Moms.”

Lisa Marie was featured on Tyra Banks Fab Life nov 3 show, TMZ over 50 times as a guest reporter for TMZ live , front cover of Elite Magazine, Moms Magazine, and Taste Of Home -Pittsburgh, HUBU, thousands of news articles all around the globe like the Pittsburgh post gazette, Newsie, Trib-Democrat, world wide News ,!and in works for her own cooking show on national TV.

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