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The Girl On The Train

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    Sarah Green

    I am in a book club with a group of girls that I used to work with and a couple of friends. The current “hot” book that everyone is talking about now is “The Girl On The Train.” One of the girls in our club is in the process of reading it and she stated that she is enjoying it so far. I have read that it is being compared to “Gone Girl”. I don’t really like book comparisons as it give off this preconceived idea of what the book should be before you even start reading it.

    Has anyone read it? What is your take?

    Cece J

    I loved this book. It was not really mind-shattering writing but it was really good. I didn’t see that ending coming. I really felt for the main character… She was so sick. So hung up on a relationship. But I can relate to her, I’m an observant as well. I love to take notes of silly things I see people doing. It makes me comfortable and grounded when I pay attention to other people’s lives and wonder what they do and how they became that way.

    Taylor Metz-Warner

    I would say that the cover looks relatively similar to Gone Girl, and this may very well be intentional. I mean, look at this: spitting image of one another

    Then again, it isn’t as if The Girl on the Train is in bad company in its comparison to Gone Girl. I mean, there are tons of books that have been called “the new Gone Girl”, like

      Luckiest Girl Alive

    by Jessica Knoll,

      Nobody is Ever Missing

    by Katherine Lacey, and

      You Should Have Known

    by Jean Hanff Korelitz (this is one I recommend to people who enjoy domestic noir).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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