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What You Need to Know About Food Recalls

You already know that you need to take care of your body. Exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep are two important ways to accomplish this, but what we put into our bodies is of the utmost importance. And it’s not just making sure you’re eating fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding overly processed foods, and not overeating. You also need to be aware of food recalls and take action to avoid purchasing and eating that food. Otherwise, the consequences can be anywhere from inconvenient to dire.

The Most Common Recalls

There are a few foods that are regularly recalled, and you should be aware of them. Unfortunately, trying to eat fresh food can occasionally backfire on us since some of the foods that are most commonly recalled tend to be items that are the healthiest for us to eat regularly. For example, the list of the most commonly recalled foods includes papaya, dried fruit mixes, frozen vegetables, and lettuce. Other items topping the list are frozen dinners, hot dogs, ground beef, chicken, eggs, and hummus. Lean proteins such as chicken and turkey are regularly recalled due to mishandling during the packing process. Along similar lines, bagged salads and some varieties of lettuce are often mishandled. They are commonly recalled due to human error when growing and picking these leafy greens. 

In general, cut fruit and bagged vegetables that have not been frozen are at a higher risk for contamination than other foods due to the higher rate of human handling they undergo on the way to the supermarket aisles. Keeping an eye on whether these foods have been recalled is a good habit to develop.

It’s Deadly Serious

Foodborne illnesses are often a result of pathogens from mishandled foods, and this danger is nothing to write off. There are approximately 5,000 deaths from foodborne illness in the United States every year. One way to avoid falling ill is by only purchasing foods that are deemed safe by the FDA. Staying vigilant about what foods are recalled is crucial in the fight against gastrointestinal illnesses.

How to Know What Is Recalled

You might be wondering how to be sure whether the food you are preparing for meals this week is safe or not. Fortunately, the recall of a food item usually constitutes a prominent news story. However, there is often a delay between the initial recall and the time it takes for the problem to make the news. Checking the Food Safety and Inspection Service’s site, which is run by the FDA, is the best way to stay updated. Being informed is the most foolproof method of protecting yourself from accidentally ingesting unsafe foods. You can also help out your family and friends by sharing the news of recalled foods as soon as you know.

No one wants to eat food that has been potentially poisoned. Of course, we want to trust that the food we carefully select at the grocery store is safe for our consumption, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. It is vital that consumers remain on the lookout for food recalls, because being informed of them is the best way of knowing whether the food you are eating is safe for you and your family.

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