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What happened to the GOP?

What are Republicans to do when their two primary frontrunners are off the party rails? How did conservatives get here and is there any going back?

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    I think that going on pathological is a good expression because they seem to have lost the notion of reality and seem to be acting solely based on statistics. Meaning, they just want to get elected no matter what!

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    Sharon Van Biljon

    It does seem to be that way. People are power hungry and seem to want to just control everything. They do not really show much concern and compassion for people. One has to wonder where it will all end. It does not look like we are going in the right direction.

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    What I do feel is that when they are in campaign they tend to say everything we want to hear (based on polls of course), but when they get elected they forget about the people and the promises they made us, very sad.

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