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Tips for Making Apartment Living Work with Small Children

Apartment living can work just fine with small children. Although moving into a small space with small, energetic family members might seem impossible the truth is just the opposite. Living in an apartment with a young family can be just as happy and successful as living in a large house.

Share Bedrooms

With small children, bedroom-sharing might seem a daunting undertaking, but having your children share a bedroom will lead to saving space in the apartment. Sharing a room leads to better friendship and problem-solving in children and will make apartment living easier.

Consider giving the children the bigger bedroom. Although it may be tough to give up the master bedroom, you can keep their toys and other belongings in there with them, resulting in easier and quicker clean-up and a more efficient use of space. In order to save space further, consider investing in bunk beds.

Get Outside Often

Apartments, especially when filled with young children, can get cramped. Make sure your kids get outside often so they can move around and are not stuck in a smaller place all the time. The world is your playground. Take opportunities to explore the city or town around you and seek out spaces like parks or other outdoor play areas of which you can take advantage. Not only will they get to stretch their legs, they’ll also get fresh air and essential Vitamin D.

Usually, there are several great amenities for family-based apartments that you should take advantage of. For example, some apartment complexes include a playground, swimming pool, and/or even an onsite daycare. Others include on-demand babysitting, events for children, and/or a playroom. Keep these possibilities in mind when choosing your apartment.

Conserve Space

When you only have so much space in an apartment, don’t let any of it go to waste. Don’t allow yourself to hold onto unnecessary stuff. Even though it may be difficult, don’t use up precious space storing old art projects (digitize them instead), extra sippy cups, or appliances larger than you need. Downsize your belongings if possible.

Invest in good storage. Shelves, boxes to keep under beds, and other organizational spaces which can be tucked out of the way will save you space and make more room for kids to play. Multipurpose, foldable furniture is another great way to maximize your space in a small apartment.

Despite the small space available in an apartment, your family can love your new home. Paying attention to making the most of your space, getting out of the apartment frequently, and implementing a bedroom-sharing strategy will make apartment living easy and fun for both you and your young children.

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