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The Truth About Transformational Leadership

Earlier this week I was inspired by a few of my clients. They shared publicly – on a call with me and my community – about their experience of me as a transformational leader.

It was interesting though, because the purpose of the call was for them to share the gifts and “a-has’ they received from working with me in person. What I didn’t expect was to hear from them that it was my leadership that made their transformations possible.

Some of them who have extensive background in business, coaching, seminar facilitation and executive leadership commented that they’d NEVER witnessed the “flavor” of transformational leadership I bring to an event.

So, it made me look at what I do that (in their opinion) sets me apart from anyone else they’ve seen lead an event before. Here are some of the most important distinctions I discovered… I share them in hopes they help on your journey as a transformational messenger.

1) The Power of Presence
Unlike many leaders who prepare for their events with PowerPoint presentations, 3-ring binders, detailed outlines and spreadsheets… my preparation is quite different. Event preparation takes MONTHS for me (even years) because the most important gift I can bring to my clients at a live event is the power of pure, authentic PRESENCE. It’s essential to not just prepare notes, etc… but to truly prepare your body, heart, mind and soul to be a rock solid stand for IN THE MOMENT presence. This alone has the power to profoundly transform another human being.

2) The Light of Love
Before even one of my clients enter the seminar/retreat room, I sit in the room and radiating love to every corner of the room, and the building we are in. I envision each person attending being wrapped in a blanket of love and opening their hearts to the power of love. What this does is sets such a high vibration that people walk in and it feels like “home” from the first moment. Love – like presence – has the power to heal the deepest wounds, break free the most terrified hearts, and reflect back the light of one’s own soul.

3) The Real Agenda
I always tell my event attendees that I don’t have a specific agenda for the event. I realize that’s scary for the left-brain, logical people to fully grasp. But the truth is my REAL agenda is the agenda my clients bring into the room. I create the entire experience based on up-to-the-minute input from my event attendees. They tell me where they’re stuck, what they need to let go of, the clarity they are seeking, what fears keep them from shining their light, etc. And that is what creates my agenda… what THEY need in the moment, to help them exactly where they are. The results is pure magic… that leads to openings and miracles that keep coming.

4) Safety – The True Catalyst
When it comes to leading an experience where people can transform at a deep level, I’ve discovered that without true safety… the transformation can’t happen. I’ve been told by many people that I have an “uncanny” or “uncommon” ability to make every single person in my presence feel safe. Some of them even feel safe enough to share the very thing they felt most scared to share… which was also the thing that liberated them and changed the course of their life. Presence, love and “the real agenda” is what makes the feeling of safety come alive in a room.

Sometime I wish I could break down what I do and how I do it more specifically than this, but it’s so innate and rooted in the essence of who I am… it fels a little too close to actually see.

But thanks to my clients holding up the mirror for me this past Tuesday, it brought to light these four components that I trust will serve you on your journey as a transformational messenger… and leader.

About Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser, “The Transformation Catalyst” is a book coach, spiritual mentor and award-winning author whose spot-on guidance transforms the lives of visionaries around the world. She’s trained more than 55,000 authors, and has personally coached hundreds to get their books written and published. Some of her clients have signed traditional publishing contracts, become best-selling authors and appeared in major media including: CNBC, CBS, Oprah and Friends, Time, Business Week, New York Times, Fox & Friends, CNN, ABC, and more. Her passion is to help people liberate their message - so they can be who they were born to be, and do what they were put on earth to do!

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  1. This is so true! Eckhart Tolle has the same qualities that make him what you consider a transformational leader. I’ve never been into one of his live retreats or talk and I only watch him on Youtube or listen to his audio book but there’s something about him that makes me feel peaceful and makes me aware of my own presence. I’ve heard that he does the same thing that you do of not having prepared notes or canned scripts whenever he speaks in retreats and talks, he just brings intense presence and works from there.

  2. I think that one thing that captures me is speaking from the heart. If you take months to prepare for a event, then what you speak about comes much more naturally. Most speakers just read from their notes which kills it for me. It makes their information seem fake and rehearsed rather then real. I find it more inspiring when it sounds more natural.

  3. I love what you said about safety. I think that is so important. Safety and trust really open a person up. It’s also makes them more likely to truly listen to what you have to say and they feel like they can say how they feel.

  4. The older I get, the more I appreciate the dedication to excellence that goes into preparing over months and even years to address an issue with an individual, or a group. I don’t mind power point presentations if they are just cues, but I squirm inwardly if they are densely-written slides with corny cartoons and– even worse– old hackneyed email “forwards”. Much more impressive is the speaker who has a good grasp of their material, and an intuitive gift that reveals to them, somewhere along the way in the presentation, what exactly the listerner, or listerners, expects or wants to receive. The transformational leaders in my community are often young pastors who have eye contact– connection– with their listeners, a real impossibility if you are not familiar with your subject, and easily distracted when you look away from the power point or your sermon notes. The pastor I have the most aha moments with also “jumps all over the place” as he talks– he is self-propelled by thoughts and recollections that he knows fit for the moment and the audience.

    I appreciate what you have to say about your own transforming skills.

  5. Totally agree with the power of presence. Rather then just using the materials, you need to use yourself and your style to get the audience’s attention. You need to fully use your presence in the room so that they know that you’re in charged. By doing this you’ll be also viewed as a charismatic leader, and people will always look up to a leader that’s charismatic.

  6. The concept of transformational leader is a really interesting one. I think you’ve organized the ideas in the article really well and to be honest I totally agree that it’s not possible to change without trust and confidence, that is what will make us open up and experience love or the light of love as you call it.

  7. Wow, truly a great article, I like the first one about POWER OF PRESENCE, it is unique and I have never thought of the matter from that perception!

    Thank you so much, I will indeed try to prepare my mind and body from now on…Hopefully, it will set me apart from everyone else!

  8. I agree that power presence is an interesting concept, but to be honest I cannot fully grasp it. I mean, eventually it’s when we are engaging and the whole audience is glued to our presentation. If that’s the case, it’s something really hard to achieve.

  9. Great article. I am an aspiring motivational speaker and life success coach. I love inspiring and uplifting people everywhere I go. It’s all I think about and it’s all I do. Whenever I’m talking to a group of friends or family, I am always at ease because it’s a topic that is so familiar to me. I just hope that confidence stays with me when I have to go in front of an audience that I don’t know.

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