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Jodi Harman – Marriage Makeover

Jodi Harman has extensive experience in marriage relationships and communication. She is the author of “The Girlfriend Effect- A guide to increase passion love and intimacy in your marriage.” Harman’s ideals of a sometimes classical views on marriage to turning up heat for intimacy and romance in the bedroom changes the way the world views being a wife and lover. Harman brings ideas to life with simple techniques that are sure to please every husband, as a wife gives her husband the ultimate girlfriend experience.

Harman has studied and researched marriage relationships for over 25 years and has been married for 29 years (real life experience). Harman’s background is enhanced by her degree in psychology, with applied training in personal development and certifications in professional and personal coaching. Harman is sought after to train and mentor her proven sales style, method, and practices to other couples, which ultimately led her career and her passion for training, speaking, and coaching. Jodi has successfully trained and coached hundreds of people.

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