Friday , April 12 2024
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CYE Episode 14 : Concept Tuesday – Why Is It So Difficult to Lose Weight?

On today’s Concept Tuesday, I’ll be discussing why it’s really so hard for people to lose weight and keep it off long term.

Various diets come and go over time. Some produce immediate results in the short term, but the biggest problem with fad diets is that they fail to address the only way to have long-term success. That comes from changing your eating habits.

Concept Tuesday: Why It's So Difficult to Lose Weight- Change Your Eating Episode 14 from Clifton Thomas on Vimeo.



About Cliff Thomas

Dr. Cliff Thomas is a leading gastric bypass surgeon and recognized by the Surgical Review Board as a "Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence". An Author, Father and Entrepreneur, his mission in life is helping people feel better.

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  1. While changing eating habits is important for long-term success, setting goals is vital for short-term success. For example, your 1-month weight loss goal may be to lose 3 inches or fit into those skinny jeans. Once you begin working towards small, achievable goals such as these, you build habits that will stick on.

  2. It’s hard to lose and to keep that weight low, that is the issue. We are mainly talking about eating habits that we have for decades and if we cannot implement a life style change we will never make it.

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