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Big Data Warns Against These Childhood Health Habits!

Many negative forces vie for our kids’ attention these days. They range from larger-than-life sports heroes who get much of our kids’ admiration to the widespread availability of drugs and poor food choices. These things wreak havoc on the health of American youngsters and, by extension, their families. The savviest parents attempt to cut these issues off at the pass, so to speak. Here’s a more in-depth look at three of the most common dangers facing kids today.

Watching Sports

Unhealthy sports marketing is a real danger to kids. It can negatively influence a child’s judgment, and unfortunately, sports stars at times have less than stellar sponsors. Examples include sport stars who have accepted endorsements for products like risky sports drinks and even for unhealthy food choices. Ohio University asserts that when someone that a child admires is associated with a brand, there is a danger that the child will link the positive feelings he or she has for the athlete with loyalty to that brand. These feelings bypass good judgment, making kids more open to trying products that don’t serve their best interests.


Pharmaceutical companies have played a big role in the opioid crisis as well as in the high cost of medicine in this country. The trend began in the latter part of the 1990s when pharma companies reassured doctors and other medical professionals about the safety of certain drugs, including opioid pain relievers. Ultimately, the influence of these companies has adversely affected American culture.

According to the University of Illinois at Chicago, pharmacies waste around $110,00 on needless things. This includes money earmarked for media campaigns that affect children who may not be educated about the influence of pharmaceutical companies in advertising.

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity ranks among the most common issues that face kids today. More than a third of youngsters in America have weight problems. Many of them are not just overweight — they’re obese. Kids who fall into this category have a BMI of 30.00 or more. This has largely come about due to the preponderance of processed fast food and associated advertising aimed at children. Couple this with modern kids spending more time indoors than ever before, and you get a recipe for disaster. Obesity can eventually lead to a wide range of health issues, including heart disease, some kinds of cancer, diabetes and fatty liver disease to name but a few.

The world is full of dangers to child health, and many of them are nowhere near as obvious as antivaxxers or toxic ingredients. The influence of sports media, overuse of medications, and childhood obesity rates are much sneakier, and that much more dangerous for it. The parents who are best prepared to help their kids deal with these issues arm themselves with sufficient information and a thoughtful plan to fight back.

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