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3 Areas of Your Home to Focus on If You Want to Conserve Energy

As the summer months near, homeowners all across the country are seeking ways to make sure that their utility bills don’t rise along with the temperature. However, it’s often difficult to see exactly where the energy is escaping. There three areas of your home you’ll want to pay attention to in order to conserve energy this upcoming summer and beyond.

The Roof

Just because you can’t visibly see it leaking out of your roof doesn’t mean you aren’t’ losing energy up there. The roof of a home is the property’s largest structure, and a surprisingly large amount of energy can escape from it. Luckily, this issue can be fixed. Start out inspecting for obvious damage on the roof or in the attic. If none can be seen, move on to the insulation. Most homes simply do not have sufficient attic insulation when they are built. Even if yours originally did, insulation is like other home materials in that it can deteriorate over time. One thing is almost certain, though. If you enhance the quality and amount of insulation in your attic, your utility bills should go down.

Your Windows

There’s no doubt that windows can be problematic about bleeding energy, and they might be a major reason why you’re not obtaining the energy efficiency you want. Old-fashioned windows with a single pane of glass do very little to retain heat in winter or cold air in summer. Modern windows have vastly improved on this concept by using dual panes and better insulation. Improved glass performance can improve your home’s energy performance. Another low-cost improvement that’s easy to do is simply caulking the windows properly. This will help seal any gaps.

Garage Door

One of the most neglected areas of the home is the garage door. Just because it’s located within another room doesn’t mean it won’t allow energy to escape. Constantly going to the garage to get in the car, exercise, or work on a hobby can really increase the amount of energy you let out. The best way to fix the problem is to install garage door insulation. This will help greatly in your efforts to conserve energy.

When it comes to conserving as much energy as possible, there are many things you can do. Focusing on your roof, windows, and garage prove to be the most effective in conserving energy as well as helping the environment.

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