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Self-Image: How Do I Accept Myself Without Hurting Myself?

If you’ve ever told a little girl that she looks pretty, you have probably heard the response “I know!” or something similar. Yet, if you tell an adult woman that she looks nice, you will probably get a ducked head, a self-defacing comment, or a redirection of your compliment. So …

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4 Must-Haves for Modern Homes

In this day and age, homeowners have many options to explore regarding equipping their houses with innovative technologies. Some technologies have been around for decades, while others are cutting-edge and new to the marketplace. This guide can help determine the most important types of items any new homeowner should consider …

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What Menopause Means for Your Marriage

Despite being a well-known period in a woman’s life, menopause often takes her and her spouse by surprise. The symptoms can wreak havoc with her physical and mental health, and with the marriage as well. By knowing the symptoms, how to treat them, and taking a few simple steps to …

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