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How Your Saliva Reveals Your Health

Did you ever think about your saliva as a personal treasure which can reveal details about you, your health, and even your emotional condition? Did you ever imagine that a simple test of saliva could hold the answer to whether or not you can become pregnant today….or even predict in …

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Letting Go of Expectations

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know how I love a good spiritual kick in the pants.  Today I got it over and over, and I finally surrender to the message.  The first thing I read this morning was a beautiful blog post by my …

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Class: 9 Laws of Conscious Creation

We all have notions in our mind that hold us back and most of us don’t even realize they’re effecting us. Kris Krohn has spent the past 7 years mentoring people on the power of their thoughts. The 9 Laws of Conscious Creation focuses on principles that enable a person …

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