Saturday , January 20 2018
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Cindy’s Defining Difference…

Cindy Ertman

“Lean into your power, redefine your story and expand your vision for what is possible.” ~Cindy Ertman I believe that every person has the ability to rewrite their story and create their life by design. Change is hard and most of us resist it. However, when we make the choice …

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3 Important Things to Tell Your Kids (and Yourself)

There is wisdom everywhere – we just have to tune into it. Each person I meet, as I travel as a speaker and coach, has something remarkable to share about life, being happy or living one’s greatness. They are also quick to share their failures and challenges – and how …

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Enlightenment Says, Huh?

An excerpt From Betsy Chasse’s Tipping Sacred Cows Available at Your favorite Bookseller. “Betsy’s writing makes you feel like you’re chatting over a glass of wine in your living room with your girlfriends. She is raw, open, honest, and hilarious as she tries to figure out what the hell to …

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