Friday , December 14 2018
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What Menopause Means for Your Marriage

Despite being a well-known period in a woman’s life, menopause often takes her and her spouse by surprise. The symptoms can wreak havoc with her physical and mental health, and with the marriage as well. By knowing the symptoms, how to treat them, and taking a few simple steps to …

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What’s the Buzz in Online Jobs Today?

Working from home and having a full-time online job has recently become an extremely popular trend in all industries around the world. Understanding the buzz behind online jobs today is ideal whether you are interested in seeking out work online or if you have skills you want to put to …

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Starting a Humanitarian Nonprofit? Be Careful Who You Hire

People start businesses for a variety of reasons. Some aim to maximize their earning potential, some try to solve an industry problem, and still others seek to serve other people. If you’re in the last category, this article is for you. Starting a humanitarian nonprofit is just like starting any …

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