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on the set of Wake Up! the hosts Zhena Muzyka, Betsy Chasse, Cindy Ertman and Natalie Ledwell.

How to Watch Wake Up!

The premiere is here! Join us tomorrow, exclusively on POP!

Can’t find POP? You can use the handy dandy channel finder on the POP Website, search for Wake Up in your DVR Directory (and set a season pass so you never miss an episode), or go to your cable providers TV Guide Channel.  Some carriers still list POP as TVGN (the former TV Guide Network).

As for WHEN Wake Up will air, that’s a more complex calculation.

POP airs on a Dual Feed, meaning that EST and PST are both 8am, except on DirecTV which airs the EST feed no matter where you are located.

  • 8AM PST
  • 9AM MST (Provided they take the Pacific Feed)
  • 7AM CST
  • 8AM EST (including all of DirecTV)

What about AT&T uVerse? I’ve been asking that too! They don’t carry POP yet, but you can request that they add it to their lineup here! In the meantime, go to a friends house, watch it with them and make it a party. Bring muffins. It’ll all be good! 🙂


Every Saturday we will be taking over Twitter with a dual feed tweetchat. Using the #wakeuptv hashtag, from 8am EST through the PST airing, we will be tweeting the show live. We have a great sponsor and awesome prizes just for joining us!

Don’t know what a tweetchat is or how to participate? Check out our handy dandy instruction sheet!

Want more access? Sign up for a free Backstage Pass for access to behind the scenes exclusive content!

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